Models are one type of block you can combine in your NUX workbooks. They can span any modality from text generation like ChatGPT to image generation like Clip.

Response Format Builder

When integrating NUX Workbooks into your application via API, it’s important that it accepts a consistent output shape, called response_format in the API.

NUX Workbooks allow you to define the shape of the JSON using LLM function calling.

Define the Schema

First you want to define the name nd description of the entire schema. This is the parent of the full JSON so it should represent the entire payload

Add New Fields

You can add new fields and the JSON adheres to standard JSON schemas.

  • object
  • array
  • string
  • number
  • boolean

Include Metadata

Every field has a name and description. The name is the key in the json returned and the description tells the LLM what to present the value as.